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Semi-durable processed meat products

PIK Vrbovec is well known for its semi-durable processed meat delicacies, and the most popular ones are Smoked neck in casing and Deluxe Loin Slim now available in a practical PIK sliced products packaging. You no longer need to wait in line at the delicacy departments, just look into the refrigerator at the shop and choose your favorite PIK sliced product.  

Round pork neck  

Traditional and rustic flavor lovers have always been attracted to smoky aromas, so the succulent PIK smoked pork neck is a perfect choice for a delicious sandwich. Prepared from top quality pork meat with a smoke aroma that is sure to enrich every meal. 

Deluxe Loin Slim

Profound aroma and exceptional flavor of Deluxe Loin Slim can be easily combined with different dishes, and, with a little imagination, Deluxe Loin Slim can turn any meal into a delicious treat. The combination of low calorie and high nutritious values is what makes Deluxe Loin Slim an excellent choice for a balanced breakfast, brunch or dinner.  

PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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