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The first choice of every true gourmet.

The first choice of every true gourmet are Frankfurters in natural casing, since the succulent red meat placed in natural casing makes them easy to snap. A light flavor with a touch of smoke makes it a highly valuable product. A perfect choice for a nutritious breakfast or a light dinner and a rich protein source that can be prepared in numerous ways – with different sauces, as a hot dog with mustard, in puffed pastry, with fries or any other way. Enjoy the adored PIK Frankfurters in your favorite recipe!


260g, bulk

Nutritional values

Energy and nutritional values in 100 g of product.

Nutrient Measuring units
Energy value 300 kcal / 1240 kJ
Protein content 11 g
Carbohydrate content 1,0 g
Fat content 28 g

Storage: 4 ̊C

Shelf-life (days): 45 days - 260g / 15 days - bulk

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PIK Vrbovec is the largest meat industry in Croatia with over 70 years of tradition in producing meat and meat products.

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